Talking time for you!

Fighting loneliness, mental overload, and uncertainty in Corona times.

Talking time for you — what’s it all about?

The Corona crisis has turned our lives upside down. Shelter-in-place orders, lockdowns, social distancing ... Closed shops, businesses, schools, theaters ... Working from home, layoffs, insolvencies ... Anger, loneliness, and overarching fear: “How long can this go on?” Another month? Half a year? Many people are unable to handle the constant levels of stress in this crisis. They feel powerless and simply overwhelmed.

One thing that can help is to talk about it. With friends, relatives, acquaintances — or with a professional coach. Free of charge. This was the idea that four Hamburg coaches came up with on March 20 when they kicked off their “Talking time for you” Instagram initiative at #virtualsupporttalks. Within a short time, more than 320 professional coaches joined. I’m one of them.

“In these times, we wanted to support people who just need someone that listens. So they can get things off their chest. It’s often about work, or about loneliness. Families and friends too often try to tell us what to do. But sometimes it helps just to put into words what you think and feel while someone is listening.”

Annika Reiss, co-initiator (with Ute von Chamier, Christian Stegemann, and Florian Schleinig) of “Talking time for you”

Talking time for you — professional, confidential, free of charge

I will listen to you. Give you fifteen to thirty minutes. By phone or by videoconference (Skype or Zoom). Your choice. Talking to me will give you a chance to sort out your thoughts and feelings. Voice your frustrations. Pick up new strength. Fill up on courage and self-confidence. Whatever your topic, whatever your origin, identity, gender, religion, or politics — I will be there for you. That’s what I was trained to do as a coach: listen without judgment, without interruptions, without imposing any advice.

Everything we discuss will be held in strict confidence

Am I the right person to listen to you?

You’ll have to find that out for yourself. I am a business coach and a marketing consultant with a background in education, psychology, business administration, and language services, and I pride myself on being equipped with the “entrepreneurial gene.” Helping people — especially those who are self-employed — develop a successful entrepreneurial mindset is especially close to my heart. I encourage my clients to sharpen their profile and to position themselves clearly. I want them to preserve their natural curiosity, to keep trying new things, and to overcome personal barriers, for successful personal and business growth.

How do I make a talking time appointment?

Send me a message with “Talking time” in the subject line — I ’ll find it directly. Tell me whether you would like to talk to me on the phone or by Skype/Zoom. Don’t forget to let me know your phone number or Skype ID! You’ll receive an answer with suggested dates.


Talking time appointments